Improve your Sailing Skills

Cruise, race and train

Join PSA's email distribution lists for notification of club cruises, races and training on PSA's boats at a daily cost of $35 per person. The club's on-the-water training program includes boat orientation, docking, engine troubleshooting and maintenance, skipper preparation, sailing under spinnaker, and how to sail safely and fast. Contact PSA's training coordinator for more information.

Maintain and repair boats

  • PSA's Fleet Captain sands Vivace's keel
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Joining PSA as an advanced novice sailor, I found a very welcoming atmosphere. My skills have developed quickly, with many opportunities to sail and work on boats.Bob

PSA also uses email lists to invite members to periodic maintenance days. Working on boats helps members learn the boats' systems and helps the club minimize repair bills. Most maintanance days are scheduled in advance and displayed on PSA's calendar.